Starter Packs and Gifts

SPECIAL Starter Pack: To see if your pet(s) like fresh Eucalyptus

Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves, Chew Sticks and a small Eucalyptus Branch
1/2-pound starter pack: Try it.

  • 1/4 pound of fresh Eucalyptus Leaves, about 20-30 large (sometimes HUGE) leaves, on their stems.
  • 1/4 pound of Eucalyptus Chew Sticks, 6-10 sticks (depending on thickness) and 3″-6″ long.
  • 1 small Eucalyptus branch, a thicker stick with mature bark, for perching and/or chewing
  • 1 Instruction and Tip Sheet on how to store, present and enjoy your Eucs

$ 12.95 plus postage

“I have a website that sells perches for parrots. I ordered from you 2 other time. People LOVE Euc perches! :)”

“I have a website that sells perches for parrots. I ordered from you 2 other time. People LOVE Euc perches! :)”

“Got my order today! Super fast and very generous with the leaves!!! Thanks so much… my gliders are going to be SO EXCITED when they wake up in a few hours!!! :)”

– Brenda S, on FB-EP

“Thank you for the advice! Last night was the first night I gave my gliders Eucalyptus (only been a glider mom for a month and a half) and they certainly chewed on the leaves but they demolished the green chew stick! I am so happy to give them something that they would eat in the wild!”

“Thank you Matt Perelstein we got our eucalyptus today. The glider room smells good and the 3 who have NEVER had euc are up enjoying it.”

– Rachel

“Hi just looked outside and it came. I have a rose breasted cockatoo and I washed them and he is going nuts over it. He likes it more than his toys.lol I can’t believe how great they smell. Thank you and you have a forever client!”

“Hello Matt – I and Jax’s (glider) are very happy to join the group! I think he would like the longer branches with gobs of leaves. He has several beds in the cage and every bed is filled with leaves and branches. He drags all of the eucalyptus in his beds all the time. He can smell your in the house before I even open it. Have a great day! Heidi :O) “

“If she and all her bird friends and customers do like your product you better have a lot of trees and time you will be cutting down branches and leaves continuously! What ever you do don’t ever run out my rose breasted cockatoo loves them and could do commercials for you free! I am telling everyone I know about you and I am so glad I found you. You really have made my cockatoo sooo happy it’s the one thing he gets so excited over.:)”

– Tina

“I’m so excited. the two babies in pouch have two days and they have been in pouch for 8 weeks and are due to come out anytime after that. so Tuesday is the lucky day! For us this is a big deal since i cant have kids because of my bone issues and other congenital defects. It really cool watching them grow and watching them move in pouch is like watching aliens in there lol. Serena loves to rest in or on my hand. Sometimes the babies will move while she is on top of my hand…it feels so cool. She is so trusting and loves to show me peeks at the babies while she is cleaning her pouch. loves belly love. She lifts her hind leg so i can rub her sides. Serena also loves to show her belly off…then she gives glider eyes begging for midnight mealies. She is such a great little momma. Kirby is excited too. He normally brings three eucalyptus leaves into a pouch….well he dragged ten times that amount in less then 12hrs. its so cute hes been helping clean her. I was so lucky to see Serena give birth on July 26 at 4:20 pm she was in my bra when it happened and she let me watch the two babies be born and crawl up to pouch. I can’t wait until they come out! We still don’t know what their babies colors are!! and we still need names for the contest at Sailor Snuggies on Facebook.”

– Jessica W.

“I ordered the Combo Pack as my first eucalyptus purchase a little while ago. My two little boys (sugar gliders) did enjoy the leaves, but they went crazy for the sticks. They destroyed the sticks by the end of the week!”

– Jessica

“Hi Matt,

Yeh, when I sent the email I remember thinking that stated something a little off…lol! I would like the Chew Sticks please.

I ordered the Combo Pack as my first eucalyptus purchase a little while ago. My two little boys (sugar gliders) did enjoy the leaves, but they went crazy for the sticks. They destroyed the sticks by the end of the week! But I do like having some leaves for them to play in so I thought the Chew Sticks pack might be a good idea.

If you think there’s another approach that might better suit our needs I’m open to it.

Thank you”

“I received my eucalyptus sample pack! The gliders love it!! First thing the all went to when they woke up!! I’ll be ordering again soon! Thank you!”

– Jen

“Hi Matt,

No worries! Shipping out on Monday is terrific. I forgot put a note on PayPal, but if you remember would you send me some seeds as well?

If you can cut them with leaves that would be awesome! A friend was kind enough to send me a couple of small branches that still had leaves and my Cockatoo and Kakariki’s went nuts for them, so I figured I’d better order some for all my parrots.

Thanks again! Can’t wait to get them!”
Christy Keys

“Matt, it arrived yesterday afternoon.THANK YOU!!!!
I would like to order some more. I will do it in the website and get the order right out. I think we are going to need more I will do this ASAP. THANKS AGAIN”

“We rec’d our euc today & love it, it’s beautiful!! Thank you! Definitely will be a return customer, & highly recommend your product!!
sent pic, too”

“I just received the package today.Thank you so very much. My girls (sugar gliders) love your Eucalyptus.”

– Tammy

“Hey Matt. Sorry the subscription didn’t go through today. I had PayPal charge my debit card every month and that card got lost. I’m having a headache trying to figure out how to switch the card information to the replaced one, so I’m just going to cancel and re-subscribe with the new card. You’ve been giving some awesome branches in the mail, I really appreciate all you do. Unless you have already packaged my order, just branches with leaves is all I need. My gliders are addicted the Euc. As always, best wishes in your business.”

– Allison De Hoyos

“I took a pan of water and dropped them in and simmered them and the house smelled so good today. Thank you again and I hope I’m able to grow the seeds. Have a great Friday and weekend from sunny Florida, Sandra”

“Hey Matt!
No preference here. I’m happy to get whatever. My gliders go nuts for them. I just like making them happy.

Thanks much! Hope you have a great week!”

– Shanna Banana

“My gliders love the eucalyptus branch!

For next month’s order, can I have the same? A thicker branch with leaves with a few random twigs and leaves thrown in…I was able to lean the big branch against the side of the cage and I hide treats on it to encourage them to climb it!”

“Got my order today! Super fast and very generous with the leaves!!! Thanks so much… my gliders are going to be SO EXCITED when they wake up in a few hours!!! 🙂 ”

“Hi. Here is a new market for you. Eucs are used for eco printing and living in the North East I was happy to find a business like yours! I wonder if I can get a variety of small branches and what kind of eucalyptus you can offer? How big of a box does it take to ship 5# ? It is hard to imagine how much you get on a pound..
Looking forward to hear from you.”

“I never got a bad shipment and I’m across the country. I only order from here. I think the service is great and the bags are always really full.”

“Hello Matt – Thank you for the updates on your schedule when I order. Jax’s the sugar glider Loves You! I will be signing up for repeat orders on my next shipment! The leaves and branches are wonderful! When I redo his cage I will send you some pics for your website. Thank You for the Awesome Customer Service!”

“Hello Matt. Just received your package and was very happy with it. Great variety of branches, and I especially like the fork branch. I would really like to order those exclusively if possible, as I think they would sell very well. The one you sent was about 1 inch thick by 24 inches long and the 2nd fork was 12 long. ” Can you send me the majority of branches forked? Maybe a few straight in 1″ x 12″ & 18″ lengths. Also, We were thinking of maybe getting some thin, thin branches to cut up and sell for the gliders to chew on . Just let me know if you can do the forks especially. I actually forgot about the shipping when I sent you the $60. Just send me the prices for what I want if you can do it, and also the shipping charges I will let you know how these sell. I will be able to see which ones go fastest and will give you better idea of what I will be buying, but the forks would be a given. Thanks!”

“Hi, Matt. I just placed another order for a couple of starter packs. That seemed to make the most sense for us, variety-wise. The last time, the girls LOVED the larger, more rigid of the smallish branches that you included but didn’t know what to do with the flexible ones. I put the more rigid smaller branches across the corners of the cage for them (sort of wedged between the bars and spanning the “L” shaped intersection of back and side panels to make a perch). They loved that and stripped those in record time. Anything that size or thicker would be great! The flexible ones, sadly, are sort of wasted on them. They also loved the leaves. 🙂
Take care, and thanks again”

“Naomi & Shamrock were quite happy to see that we received a new supply of Eucalyptus! Thanks!”

“my Eucalyptus leaves and chew sticks arrived yesterday. I rinsed them off and put a couple of leaves and a chew stick in Lily’s (sugar glider) cage while she was sleeping. She woke up and came out to investigate and starting chewing right away! She dragged a leaf into her pouch and is quite content! (a nice bonus is the wonderful, fresh fragrance in the house!!) ”

“I received my order today… The babies LOVE it! They chew on the sticks and play like crazy in the leaves. Thank you!”

“Hey Matt! Got the euc Wednesday!! Super fast shipping and as always you exceeded my expectations! Thank you so much my babies loved it!”

“I just received my order, brought it home from the post office and opened the box and i was immediately happy. I started putting the branches in my gliders cage and he wakes up, pops out of his sack and starts playing and chewing on it all before I could even connect or lay the branches down. He loves them already! We all thank you so much for your great service and what you sent was beyond my expectations! And they already made our house smell amazing as well! I will definitely be making more purchases in the future and recommend you to everyone I know! Thank you again so much!”

“My birds are loving the product……need to order more…..call me!”

“Matt, I wanted to thank you again for the shipment of eucalyptus that you sent. Libby, my SugarGlider absolutely LOVES it!!! She just coos, chirps, and rolls around in it. You will be hearing from us again! Eucalyptus is a MUST HAVE for suggies!!! Thank You.”
~Tammy and Libby Via

“thank you so much for the big limbs the girls won’t get it till they wake up Christmas morning to a cage full of leaves and limbs they absolute love this stuff and so do I keep up the great work 🙂 thank you again maybe next time ill see about getting some seeds from you :p ”

“This product is great! I put a few branches in the corners of one of
my sugar glider cages last night. I came back the next morning to see
two pouches filled with leaves and a branch hanging from one. They
absolutely loved it and were excited to have part of their natural
habit in their cage. I will definitely be ordering more!”

“All the rescues that come through here get addicted to Euc so it’s best to send them home with some to help with the transition a little. I’m looking forward to it! I swear I can see the gliders sticking their tongues out in anticipation for new eucalyptus too. =p “

“Got them today, they are going crazy, couldn’t hardly get the first branch in the cage and they were grabbing and pulling 🙂 ”
– VM in VA

“We just ordered our Euc branches yesterday! We’ve ordered from you before and have ALWAYS been happy with what you have sent! You are always so generous with the leaves and sizes of the branches! Oh.. and our Gliders LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!! Thanks!! 🙂 “

“My gliders loveeeeee it!! l place it so they can crawl under it.. they love to hide in it and play. 🙂 “

“Thanks so much! A couple weeks ago I bought a combo pack and my Gliders went
just crazy over the leaves and branches. At first I was slightly worried because of some spots on some of the leaves but your instructions that were included were comforting and I felt at ease giving them to my Gliders. Navigating your site and getting to know the history of Eucs and learning the benefits of the Eucs was great. The smell is fantastic! And my Gliders thank you. I look forward to future business.”

“Matt, I wanted to let you know I just received my order last night. THANK YOU for everything my sugar gliders went nuts over it. Thanks”
~Andrew F

Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil

Eucalyptus pure essential oil is obtained from the leaves and branches of the eucalyptus tree, also known as Eucalyptus Globulus. The oil is extracted through steam distillation, which used about 110 pounds of Eucalyptus tree to make 2 pounds of oil.

The main therapeutic ingredient in eucalyptus essential oil is eucalyptol, and it has very strong germicidal and disinfectant properties. In addition it helps to relieve exhaustion and mental sluggishness.

You can suppress coughs by making a compress with the oil, and massage into your chest.

Do you need to disinfect a room where someone is or was sick. Spray some oil into the air, and the germicidal properties will kill the germs in the air, giving you a clean room with clean air. No one sick in your home, this is a good for the wintertime, when it is more hard to air out the house.


Eucalyptus for Your Well-Being

You can Apply some eucalyptus oil and massage oil to your pulse or pressure points. Eucalyptus is one of the few oils you can apply directly to the skin.

Do you have infections, apply some eucalyptus oil to the bandage, or gauze, and wrap the wound with it.

Do you have trouble with dandruff? Mix 10 drops of eucalyptus oil with an all natural shampoo, this will help with the dandruff.

Eucalyptus pure essential oil can be used for a variety of conditions. This makes it an excellent addition for your well-being.

Meet Gizmo… another happy Euc customer… checking out his new Euc leaves and seed pods!

Meet Ren, a Platinum Sugar Glider, with her custom-made Euc ladder (available for purchase), our newest fresh Euc subscriber!

Meet Gizmo… another happy Euc customer… checking out his new Euc leaves and seed pods!

ANOTHER happy customer — Carlito — with his new 2″ thick Euc branch, with leaves on!

Another happy Euc customer! She is a STICK INSECT (aka: Giant Prickly Stick Insect, Spiny Leaf insect, Macleay’s Spectre, or Australian Walking Stick — Extatosoma tiaratum). They are popular pets in Australia (and the US, it turns out) and they LIVE on Eucs as their #1 food source! Cool, ey?!

“Thank you so much for the sale! I got the gliders’ package in today, and thought Id add it tonight. Nope, they both woke up smelling that box and went to barking until I hung up a good bit of branches and leaves. They drug a bunch of leaves in their pouch and went to munching. As always, great and fresh stuff!”