“I just tried the Euc…and it turned my sweet babies into ravenous monsters! How awesome is that!!! Now my gliders smell all nice and Eucy, and they loved their Euc!!! I’m gong to have to buy more!”
~Glider Lover on GC, 12.14.08

It cost $18 (including shipping) for a 1/2 lb of leaves and chew sticks. I got quite a bit – a gallon sized ziplock bag of leaves, and then a bundle of sticks. I guess once you figure out what your gliders like best, you can customize your order. Mine seem to like everything so far – the fresh leaves, dried leaves, and the sticks.”

“You may want to try giving your babies fresh eucalyptus in their cages. I order mine form Euc Products. The eucs have a strong smell that IMO is pleasant. It would overpower the animal smell from the gliders, when a person enters the room they would smell the eucs, not the gliders. HTH”
~ESG, 12.06.08

“Got mine so fast! Followed the easy to understand directions and hung some in the cage last night and watched the reaction, first they “stalked” the strange looking additions then pounced on them and started tearing them up! I only saw stems in the cage this morning so belive they may have them in the pouch. The leaves do not have a overbearing odor, very pleasant smell to me. Anything that makes my critters happy makes me happy and for the cost you can’t beat it. I have spent more on toys that they totally ignore. Thanks Matt!”
~Glider Explorer on GC, 12.06.08

“I have six gliders so just a little bit of everything will be fine. I love your stuff and so do my girls. Thanks again.”

“Awesome! I am sooo thankful to have fresh eucs from Matt available all the time!”
~Erin, 11.27.08

“Matt, Matt, Matt … what am I gonna do with you!!?? I haven’t gotten Euc from you in a LONG time! Too long, my gliders tell me! Peeked into Phoebe’s cage pouch to see her joeys … I had to dig through the shredded bark to see them! She made the sweetest nest! Those sticks have been in there for … ages! She just got the nesting instinct and had to shred … So … guess I’ll be ordering … before midnight!!”
~Master Glider Member on GC, 11.27.08

“Matt – the big box just arrived! I’m enjoying the scent! It is wonderful! What beautiful leaves and branches you sent us! The babies will be thrilled when they wake up!”

“Matt is wonderful because he does not use pesticides. His eucs are used for sugar gliders and birds. He is very careful with it, and his customer service is EXCELLENT!”

“They don’t really eat it. They shred it. They tail carry it. They bring it into their sleeping pouches and nest with it. They bring it into their wheels and run with it. They play, they squabble, they adore it! But, they don’t really eat it!”

“I consider the sticks to be extremely important. Gliders in the wild strip bark to get their food. In captivity, we feed them foods which require no chewing, really. So – providing them with Euc sticks gives them a chance to exercise their teeth, which they don’t seem to otherwise get.”

“They love to play with them, shred them, chew on them, carry them around, and some of mine LOVE carrying them into their sleeping pouch, lol.”

“I bought it for my sugar gliders, and they loved it! They love your eucalyptus leaves and branches, and eat/chew them up each night.”

“Thank you so much! I’ll definitely put a recommendation for you on my site, probably tonight, as all of these poor little babes absolutely loved your leaves.”

“Thank you so much! My babies (sugar gliders) really enjoy their eucalyptus! Alev was fighting me for it, crazy little girl!! ; )”

“I’ve bought from you twice before and they seem to love both the sticks and leaves, the parrot likes the sticks, the gliders like both… they hide the leaves in there pouches!!”

“Just to let you know we received the order and the gliders love it. We will probably order more down the road. Thanks.”

“My SI Zsa zsa loves eucalyptus. I have planted trees just to collect branches for her. She loves to chew on the branches. They make her smell good too!”
~Adam from Texax on landofvos.com, 9.15.08

“Just wanted to share Scooter and Mia’s first experience with Euc – They absolutely loved it!”

“It cost $18 (including shipping) for a 1/2 lb of leaves and chew sticks. It was quite a bit – a gallon sized ziplock bag of leaves, and then a bundle of sticks. I guess once you figure out what your gliders like best, you can customize your order. Mine seem to like everything so far – the fresh leaves, dried leaves, and the sticks.”

“I have given my gliders eucalyptus on 3 different occasions, ill normally break off a branch from the tree, make sure its reasonably clean. and put it in the cage. it makes everything smell nice too. but after about 2 days of the gliders being overly energetic and chewing all the leaves, and just plain crazy. i take out the branches lol.”

“My daughter has gliders and often has various eucalyptus from Matt. She brought some over for our Mango and she had such a fun time ripping apart the chew stick!”
~Cindi in MN, 09.15.08

thumb254930500 thumb254930453

“I am a huge fan!!! Lol … and so are my gliders! My gliders Love Fresh eucalyptus from Matt! It provides an excellent source of stimulation and enrichment to their lives!”
~John/Xglider in FL, 09.11.08

“We don’t have Euc around here either – I ordered the starter pack from Matt at EucProducts.com…Just wanted to share some photos of Scooter and Mia’s first experience with Euc – They absolutely loved it!”
~Kate in NH, 09.02.08

“Also, Eucalyptus is WONDERFUL! I ordered some from a guy in CA who advertises on here, and when I walked into the room a day after I put fresh euc. in their cages, I got a fresh smell like I’ve never smelled before! It dried up too quickly, though… and they ate it, too… haha. If anyone has good tips, I’m interested, too, as I still get a good whiff upon my arrival. ”
~a GC member with 758 posts, 08-10-08

“Any type of outdoor plant that you give to your gliders will need to be sanitized first. Not knowing what types of pesticides, insects, mold, etc…that’s on them. There are specific company’s that do sell euc products that are grown in optimal conditions. http://www.eucproducts.com”
~a GC member with 9220 posts, 08-10-08

I have personally used 100% essential oil of eucalyptus. Help’s a lot with the stink when my males are marking and I am out of euc leaves!”
~a GC member with 249 posts, 08.10.08

“I have gotten several items from you and I love them. Thanks.”
~QD at glidercentral.net (4,640 posts) 05.05.08

“Thanks for the eucalyptus. They loved it my male glider Mr. wriggles loved playing with the leave rolling on the ground biting them. my female sky made a nest out of them to sleep and chew on.. I will send pictures of one of the new joeys. I will send some pictures of them in there nest that they made of eucalyptus.”
~KM 3.31.08

“Just a note to let you know that the shipment that was sent on March 26 was received the other day with no problems. Thank you so much for your quick reply.”
~AL, 3.31.08

“Matt, you have always been so great. What I have is 2 sugar gliders. The reason I am wanting the euc branch is simply to give them a piece of home. They love the leaves and also the sticks.”
~LM, 3.30.08

“I got my order today. Thanks! I put a stick over the sugarglider nest and they both popped out instantly and took it from me. 🙂 I’ve heard of people putting a large branch in their cage, like in the wild. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU from my gliders.”
~N, 3.26.08

“Thank you, I just received the eucs today. I purchased them for our sugar gliders. We never fed these to them before. I found your website through a search. They seem to love them. They attacked them when I gave them the first leaf!”
~GS, 3.7.08

“HI, if I could get 1/2 or bigger that would be great the thinner ones fall through the bottom of their cage then I get barked at..lol. They like fresh or dried so that does not matter. Thank you soo much.”
~AG, 2.18.08

“I know my babies love your Eucs!!!”
~Megi of SugarGliderAlley.com in Missouri, 2.27.08

“My order came in a few days. I’ve ordered a few times and never had a problem.”
~P, 2.26.08

“That being said they DO like to chew stuff. You can buy eucalyptus from a reputable source, and mine LOVE to chew that. Matt at eucproducts is great and his eucalyptus is great…you could try the starter pack with your gliders if you want to give them something to chew.”
~J in WA, 2.22.08

“Package arrived yesterday before the ice storm. Our Gliders took to them right away. She started to bring the leaves, using her tail, into her nest. First time we saw her use her tail to carry anything! Thanks”
~CG in OH, 2.12.08

“Thank you so much I received my order yesterday. Thanks for the fast shipment. I will be doing business with you again.”
~JK in Texas, 2.12.08

“I keep eucalyptus in my babies cages all the time; they love to eat and play with it, even drag it into their sleep pouch. I will leave it in there until they have chewed it and it dries out (about 4 days) then I take it out and put some fresh in. Matt’s eucalyptus is a bigggggg hit at my house.”
~TW in Florida 1.30.08

“OH my goodness….I received my Eucalyptus order from Matt and my lonely boy was chewing happily on a branch, while my pair lined their pouch. My lonely boy has loved his extra treats and toys. It looks like no matter which way I turn Jinx will have a friend soon. Life is good.”
~d in TX, 1.23.08

“I’d also like to say how much all my sugar gliders love your products. A friend sent me a starter pack and I’ve never seen the gliders act the way they did when I opened the bag of leaves by their cages. I do sugar glider rescue work, so I always have gliders coming through and its nice to be able to give these kids a special treat while they’re with me.”
~KK in Florida, 1.18.08

“I just ordered some…..I got some before and they loved them!!!!!”
~P, 2.05.08

“I only buy from Matt, because he doesn’t use chemicals or pesticides.”
~A in Illinois 1.28.08

“The website that has the best eucalyptus is http://www.eucproducts.com. Matt has the best, fresh euc and my suggies love it. He uses no pesticides on his product and you can get custom orders, just email him with what you want. Your suggies will have an awesome time playing with it. I just got a couple of rescues in and they are in heaven with their euc.”
~TW in Florida 1.28.08

Hi, I got my Eucalyptus last night and i put it in the cage and they loved it. Mine are eating it not just chewing on it. Thanks.”
~A in AZ, 1.17.08

Matt is the best! When Euc dries out, I soak it in the tub. It usually rehydrates.”
~V in IL, 1.17.08

“I’ve gotten many orders from EucProducts and it seems that often the giant, banana-shaped leaves have more brown spots/defects, maybe because they’re older. I just rinse them well when they first arrive and then store in the fridge or dry them (which my gliders prefer).”
~E in OH, 1.17.08

“You could always contact Matt. He is really awesome about backing his products, if you got the euc from him. HTH”
~J in WA, 1.16.08

“Matt is very reliable, and if you have any doubts or questions, I’m sure he’d be happy to help you.”
~H in NY, 1.16.08

“I got my order today also. Mine have some spots. Nothing to worry about. I washed mine with water and then wiped them off with a wet towel and they smell great. Mine lasted 3 weeks before. I also take them out and wet them and I wipe them off again. Keeps them fresh for me”
~A in Ohio, 1.16.08

“If your grocery store or Super Wal-Mart has the big green plastic bags in their produce dept, snag a few extra with your fruits and veggies. They work wonders for the Euc leaves. I use them for all my veggies and fruits. They keep them from giving off some gas that makes things ripen too much. Anyway, my Euc leaves have been in one for over a month and they still are just as fresh and sweet smelling as the day they came. I buy 5 lbs at a time and keep them in the veggie drawer of my suggie fridge. One thing though, don’t twist tie the green bags, just fold the end over so there is still air circulating.”
~T in WY, 1.16.08

“Wow, Matt, got my order today and WOW again. Your eucalyptus is the best. It is so pretty and nice, I had to break a leaf to make sure it was real, it is that good. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!”

“My suggies love their eucalyptus. My Angie loves it so much she carries it around in her tail, even runs in her wheel with it. They munch on it after they play with it and strip the bark off the sticks. The silly little things even carry it into their pouch and sleep with it. I signed up for the monthly subscription and now my babies will never be without their eucalyptus. For anyone who hasn’t tried Matt’s eucalyptus, what are you waiting for? It is toy/treat that is good for them and you feel good giving it to them. Thanks Matt, for your great product and great customer service. I have some very satisfied suggies here.”
~T in Florida, 1.4.08

“My suggies LOVE THEIR EUC! As soon as I get my next paycheck we are ordering some more!!!”
~J in Seattle, 1.4.08

I keep eucalyptus in my babies cages all the time. They love to eat and play with it, even drag it into their sleep pouch. I will leave it in there until they have chewed it and it dries out (about 4 days) then I take it out and put some fresh in. Matt’s eucalyptus is a bigggggg hit at my house.”
~T in FL, 1.30.08

“The gliders were absolutely thrilled with the leaves and branches last time – so I need more :^)”
~K in Florida

“My Ayla LOVES to pack the leaves around, now she is teaching the others how”
~T in Wyoming

“Ahh got some in the gift exchange and mine loved it and was planning on ordering more when the starter kit I have now ran out. guess I’m gonna have to jump on it early, but like everyone says it last a long time if you follow the little instructions so it should be fine in the fridge for a few weeks right?”
~L in San Antonio

“I have gotten this for my gliders before. They love it. They eat it and I find it everywhere in the cage, where they hide it.”
~A in Ohio

“They will love it. Mine eat, play and carry it into their pouches and sleep with it. Angela was so excited the first time I gave it to her, she carried a stick with leaves on it in her tail all night. You should have seen her trying to run in her wheel dragging that. LOL Matt’s eucalyptus is great. It is soooo fresh and if you follow his instructions on storing it, it will last a long a long time. And I love the way my suggies room smells”
~TW, St. Augustine, FL 11.14.07

“My last order went over well. In fact I still have some left but I saw your special on glider central and couldn’t resist. I love the smell and my suggies love the eucs. They are sort of like cat nip for gliders. I just wish I could grow one in my house.”
~J in Des Moines, IA 11.14

“Matt – you are fabulous! When the suggies make hash out of it, I crunch them up some more and throw them all over my bedroom floor and then vacuum them up. Makes my room smell great and every time I use the vac after that it fills my house with freshness.”
~TW, GliderCENTRAL, 11.19.07

“When I put Matt’s fresh eucs in my gliders’ and ‘tiels’ cages, not only do the critters enjoy them, but visitors to my home comment on the lovely scent of the eucs. It permeates and perfumes the whole house! Good stuff! :thumbs up:”
~W2, GliderCENTRAL, 11.19.07

“They chew them up and have a ball playing with them.”
~TW, GliderCENTRAL, 11.19.07

“Hi Matt, Here are a couple pictures of very happy customers! Majek is an umbrella cockatoo and Zen is a Moluccan cockatoo (and a bit camera shy). Please feel free to use these on your website if you wish. I am heading out to the website to order some more! Thanks for a great product,”
~Jan, Majek and Zen 11.17.07

majekwitheucalyptus ZenwithEucalyptus majewitheucalyptus1