“I look forward to future business with Matt and the fine folks at EUCPRODUCTS!”
~Leann from KY, 12.31.10

“Hi Matt! Me & the furrkids absolutely love the Eucalyptus it’s always nice and fresh well packaged and worth every penny! My fuzzbutts don’t waste anytime the EUC goes in the cages and no matter what time it is they come out to take care of it! (lol)”
~CarolinaSuggies, 12.30.10

“I opened the box and the wonderful aroma swept through the house. All of my 15 gliders peeked to see what was here for them. I distributed the leaves and chew sticks throughout the cage. They COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!”

“A bit skeptical about purchasing online, Matt made the transaction a breeze! My mother actually purchased for me(because I was afraid I would end up with no product) and Matt delivered!”

“Matt I love the 1/2 off sale you have going on right now! And I love the super fast shipping and freshness of the product! Thank you for being so easy to work with! Merry Christmas!”
~CS on GC, 12.24.10

“I did receive mine today the first time my gliders have ever had EUC and they came out and started munching as soon as I put in in the cages! It smells wonderful! Thank you for my gift Tara and thank you Matt!”
~CS on GC, 12.16.10

“Hey Matt, I got my fresh eucalyptus today and so did my friend Alicia!! My suggies are already munching on it.”
~SG on GC, 12.16.10

“I got my starter pack yesterday and my gliders love it! As soon as they got up for the night one went straight for the leaves and the the other for the small branch! Thanks a bunch (:”
~L on GC, 11.4.10

“I’ve been wanting to try out some eucalyptus for my babies and the sale was what finally pushed me to do it, haha. I got my starter pack yesterday and my gliders love it! As soon as they got up for the night one went straight for the leaves and the other for the small branch! Thanks a bunch (: ”
~lil on GC, 11.4.10

“Thank you for the Euc! It smells so good and the glider’s are going nuts over it!”
~Misty on GC, 10.21.10

“Thank you for the Euc! It smells so good and the glider’s are going nuts over it!”
~Misty on GC, 10.21.10

“Hello from St Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands! Looking to place my first order for our military macaw, CocoPuff. I’m sure she will love it!
~kaySTX, 10.08.10

“Hey Matt. I wanted to personally thank you for your gift. It’s appreciated more than you know. I currently have 5 gliders who love you to high heavens! It’s so cute to see them try and bring their euc around the cage with them, into their wheels, into their pouches, etc. Thanks so much. When I run out, I’ll be ordering more!!”
~Glider Geeks, 9.28.10

“I put in some of the sticks you gave me and they loved them. My whole house smells wonderful!! Thanks Again!”
~S.M., 9.20.10

“Hi, I just wanted to say thanks! Not only did you send my pack quickly but oh my gosh my sugars went crazy for this stuff. They were playing with all the leaves and branches and went nuts for the chew sticks!! This is an awesome idea for them as it is natural to their homeland!!!Great Idea!!!”
~Jennifer-AZ, 8.5.10

“I got my order kids are happy again thank you soooooooooo much they just love there euc!”
~Heidi on GC, 7.20.10

“Hi, Thank you so much for the gorgeous euc leaves! I just wanted to let you know that when I opened the box (middle of the day) the aroma was so beautiful and intense that my grumpy old man glider, who really hates being bothered anytime before 9pm actually woke up and came out of the sleeping sack! I’ve ordered from others before and the quality was pretty good but NEVER got that reaction! My little guy was up too and did his most animated ‘voodoo’ dance around the branch I placed in the cage. I wish I had a camera at the time. I will try and get some photos to you in a few weeks (have surgery this Tues and doc wants me off my feet for at least 2 weeks 🙁 so the hubby will be on glider duty) Thanks for the seed pods too, I’m praying if we can get some to grow someday they will help keep the bad bugs out of our lanai and off my Hoya plants!
We have a new glider group in my area and I will be recommending you as a great source of leaves, branches etc. TY Again!”
~Jean & Suggs, 7.16.10

“Got the Euc in on Monday. The girls love it! As far as I can tell.. their favorite is the larger branch, but they seem to enjoy all of it. I’ve attached a couple pictures for you if you’d like to use them on your website or what not. Thanks again for all your help.”
~Eric, 7.14.10

“They have arrived and smell great! Thanks so much.”
~Lisa, Denver Botanic Gardens, 7.14.10

“Got the Euc in on Monday. The girls love it! As far as I can tell.. their favorite is the larger branch, but they seem to enjoy all of it. I’ve attached a couple pictures for you. Thanks again for all your help”
~Eric, 7.13.10




“Thank you Matt for you lovely Euc! My gliders love rolling around it and sleeping in it!”
~Rachel Bugge, 6.24.10

“Our suggies LOVE them! we got a sample pack from you about a week or so before we got the babies and they just adore them. My vet says that “I am allowed to have the sugar gliders because I found them fresh eucs!” – you are a hero. my vet doesn’t believe in people keeping wild animals as pets…so that was a GREAT compliment. So glad your company is there… do you still do a monthly auto ship? if so, if you could send me a link to that info, I might be interested in that. my husband and I thank you.”
~Mindy :-), 6.24.10

Hi! No special requests. Suggies love it all so a variety is good. Thanks.
~Aimee, 6.23.10

“The sugar gliders love it, they are eating it now as I type. I will be buying some more next week! Thanks again:)”
~Daniella, 6.12.10

“I got my order kids are happy again thank you soooooooooo much they just love there euc”
~Heidi on GC

“Hi my name is Robyn and I have a 1yr old male sugar glider Jake and we live in Maryland, but I am going to come to Florida to live and bringing Jake, and my 3 cats; Taz, Riley and BJ. I was given Jake and Jewels and I had just brought them home and somehow Jewels got out and I could not find her and poor Jake has had no one except me to play with him. He love’s me to chase him around his cage with my hand and to hide and have me find him. I just adore him and he used to bark for Jules Now he barks for me to come see him. I am looking for a female, because I have read male’s fight and Jake would not like that. I will be moving here in the next few weeks and would love to surprise Jake with a girlfriend. I got him last year and he was pretty small and he must be about a 1 year and a few months. My daughter’s neighbor was given the 2 gliders and he gave them to her and she gave them to me. So I do not know when they were born. Just know they were young and he has grown and matured”
~Robyn M Cooney, 5.15.10

“EucProducts of California: Matt’s products are 100% natural and safe for your gliders to play on and chew on, letting you have peace of mind while you sleep and they chew!”
~Glider Geeks

“Matt, My suggies and I cannot thank you enough for the awesome products! It was their first time to try eucalyptus and they went nuts over everything. In fact, as soon as I opened the box they woke up (mid-day) and were all over it! Thank you so much for your amazing product, speedy shipping, and incredible customer service! Warmest regards.”
~Jocelyn, Isabella, and Sebastian, 4.23.10

“Matt, Good morning! Your shipment of FRESH, gorgeous banana leafed Eucalyptus on twigs / branches arrived yesterday! Simply beautiful!!! I placed a fresh leaf w/twig on Kea’s tree at dinner time last night …. & he immediately forgot about eating! FRESH EUCALYPTUS?! Forget dinner! It was too cute. Wove another gorgeous, very full branch of leaves freshly washed thru the top of his cage grate this morning after his shower … looks like a mini jungle! Too perfect! And my boy is in heaven once again! If my income allowed, I’d be having you ship us fresh eucs every other week!! They are just too delightful! Nature at its best! So thank you! As always, you provide great enjoyment & excellent customer service! With sincere ”
~JDJ, 4.22.10

“Thank you thank you thank you thank you! I thought the first order was wonderful. This second order with the younger smaller leaves was absolutely great.! I can not hang them off of everything since they are more bendable then the bigger leaves! I could just kiss your feet. Its 330 and all of my gliders have pulled at least one leaf a piece into their pouches and are now munching and rolling in them!!!!”
~RB, 4.21.10

“I ordered the starter pack. Came with a big bag of leaves still on stems and some loose ones also. A bundle of thin sticks for gnawing. And a bigger stick with some leaves on it. I took the leaves still on stems and weaved thru the bars. The big stick I just gave them and the smaller chew sticks I hold while the chew. They really do love it. Matt at EucProducts was great. He shipped last Friday and I got it on Monday. He uses USPS Priority mail.”
~GliderDave on GC, 4.10.10

“Hi Matt, We received our eucs on Monday. Thanks for the fast shipping. My gliders simply freaked over them. It’s great to know where I can get such a fresh product.”
~Dave in VA, 4.6.10

“My gliders had their first Euc last night. They were still awake playing with it at 7;30 this morn. Amazing reaction, they just loved it.”
~Jeff on GC, 4.1.10

“I still think the product is awesome and appreciate getting to try it with my kids.”
~CH, 3.26.10

“My African Grey LOVED the branches and leaves. I have been using the leaves in one of his foraging toys. I attached a pic for you. The rabbits, I think, ended up eating what I gave them, but did not seem to be real excited about it. I will probably try again. Sometimes it takes a couple tries before they realize they like something….just like kids! I personally enjoyed the smell!”
~MC, Texas, 3.21.10

“Thanks, Matt. You’ve been great to work with!”
~M.S. (Subscription Member), 3.10.10

“Thanks for the starter pack Matt. My guys didn’t know how to react to the first branch I put in the cage but every leaf after that has been like catnip for a new kitty.”
~P on GC, 2.24.10

“Hi, I just received my huge box of Eucalyptus. That was FAST!!! They smell divine and there is plenty of Euc packed into that box. Thank you so much. My Gliders have never seen Eucalyptus before so I am anxious to see what sort of reaction I get with all this beautiful greenery in their cages. Thanks again, and I’ll try to post some pictures of my gliders enjoying their leaves and branches.”
~Donna Fatula, 2.18.10

“After an order went stale: Matt sent me a new batch of leaves, and chew sticks for my suggies. I got them in the mail today, and they are fantastic! They are nothing like the ones I got before. They are super fresh. I just want to say again I wasn’t trying to start any problems, I just couldn’t understand why my very first batch wasn’t like the ones others have gotten. Matt is a wonderful person, and made everything right. Great eucalyptus Matt!”

“I received the eucalyptus I ordered yesterday, and last night I put a few leaves in the cage. They went nuts for it! They both came down and grabbed the same leaf, played tug of war for a bit, rubbed their faces all over it, licked it, dragged it around the cage, and there was general mirth and cuteness! I’ll definitely reorder. ”
on GC, 1.27.10

“Well, I have to pipe up and say that I got my first order of Euc this week, gave it to my babies for the first time on Friday night and they LOVE it! And I mean like roll around in it, wrap around a branch and fall asleep kind of love! And as a bonus, I’ve definitely noticed that while my gliders don’t tend to have an especially strong odor, having the Eucs in the cage has absolutely cut down even more on any smell! When I walk past the case, all I smell now is fresh eucalyptus goodness! I will definitely be getting more!”
~on GC, 1.26.10

“My babies love their Euc! I think Matt has excellent communication! We love Euc here and it really does freeze well! Out of my last batch I did leave some out to dry and crumbled them up on the floor and Vacuumed them up and my home smelled AMAZING!”
~on GC, 1.26.10

“Hi Matt, Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the nice box of EUC samples you sent my way. What a nice assortment!! I was pleased, not to mention the girls Thelma, Louise, Kiwi & Clementine were elated!! I took the larger branches to use in a special braid made from fleece (simulating a branch) and I wove the EUC twigs into the braid to make a kind of ladder……ohhhhh boy the girls were busy. I have a HUGE cage (floor style) so I can adorn the cage with beautiful furnishings, and silly little jinggly toys, custom pouches and the like. I took the dried leaves and made a potpourri for the house. Ohhhhh my goodness, what a great smell. So natural. Thank you again. I will look to order things in the future from you. Your personal thank you note added a special touch, as it makes your business more personable. I hate “form” letters, and people in a business where passion isn’t primary. You seem very passionate, and that is what will separate you from the rest. Keep up the good work Matt!”
~ M E from Green Bay, WI, 7.16.09

“Thanks for the speedy response to my pm…as always! It is such a pleasure to deal with you. Superb customer service as always! I will never go anywhere else! Thanks again for sending me the seeds! I did not know about these until now. My gliders love your shipments of leaves and branches…”their presents”. I love the way it makes my babies and their room smell. The stash in the freezer is dwindling. You will hear from me soon for more.”
Tami, 7.9.09

“I’ve only fed my guys euc once and they absolutely loved it. I’ll have to get them some more.”
~Sheila, 7.8.09

“Whatever you sent me must be awesome the little boogers tore them up hahah I love my little furr butts! one more thing to add to the list to make sure I keep buying! Too bad they are illegal in CA you would LOVE them =) I’m going to place another order as soon as I star running low thanks again!”
A.H., 5.6.09, via email

“Thanks, Matt! Julie has really been enjoying the Eucalyptus – check it out”
~JoAnn 🙂 (and Julie Marie!), 7.18.09

“Erin gave me a sample of Eucalyptus when I adopted pumpkin from her. My gliders love it. I stick a new leave in their pouch when I change out their bags. Besides chewing on it, it keeps my unneutered males (& females) smelling better naturally in between cleanings. They did have trial/starter packs and you can order online. I think it is called eucproducts.”
~TLC in Chicago on GC, 5.4.09

“I just pulled out a bag I had ordered back in early January that was frozen, it freezes wonderfully and you still get that wonderful fresh euc smell when it defrosts.”
Becki, Master Glider Member, 15,000+ posts on GC, 3.9.09

“Why not say, God gave us all the food, medicines, we need just use them. They are good. PRAISE GOD!”

“I have 5 gliders now with 2 about to come out of mom’s pouch & my gliders like the leaves so much that them take them into their sleeping pouch with them–what more can I say– they obviously love them. Thanks for the chew sticks -they are enjoyed by the 5 also- I’ll be ordering more soon.”

“Hi Matt! I just ordered a combo pack on 3-15-09, and it got here really quickly, thanks!
PS. Our sugar gliders really like your Euc leaves.”

“Hi Matt, I received the rest of my order and was VERY pleased! even my husband was impressed. At first he thought I was crazy ordering from you but now he feels we should order from you more often! the gliders went NUTS over the leaves! funny the first portion you sent (the more round leaves) they haven’t touched, but the long skinny ones they attack! they also love the fresh green twigs the leaves were attached to. the branches of course are fun to climb on and I saw a few nibbles but the green twigs and leaves were the real hit. so when my supply is almost gone I will definitely be ordering more! One question….can the leaves be frozen? and how does this affect them? Thanks.”

“My Suggies love whatever you send…thanks for the great customer care and service! It really goes a long way!”

“My gliders really enjoyed the fresh leaves, It was comical really, I can’t wait to see their response to these. Have a Great Weekend!”

“The Euc is a HUGE hit here. I’ve never seen my sugs this into something before. ^-^ Their favorite is the leaves on the little “twigs” and it’s a ball to watch them carry the pieces back to their pouch. And the smell…geeze! I don’t know what I’d do without it now. My guys don’t smell bad but the Euc is soooo amazing smelling. That and I have noticed a change in their behavior. They’re more playful now but also my grumpy girl hasn’t been grumpy at all which is strange. I’ll definitly be ordering some more in the future. Thanks again!”

“Matt, Thanks I got my package Sat March 7, just in time for my Macaws Birthday today March 8, what sure was some real fast service, looking forward to doing business with you again soon
Thanks and Regards”
~ Joe in Taunton, Massachusetts

“I ordered all the leaves with branches I believe, thats what my birds like the most, Its also very convenient for me to bunch together a few and tie them to the bars of their cages, Its funny the macaw likes them when they are still wet and the Alexandrine waits till they dry out then chews them. makes them both happy . And by the way thanks for the add on Face Book, I noticed it this morning. Have a great day and please try and let me know when about to expect my package. Thanks Matt”
~Joe T

“I received a large branch, leaves and the pods(seed) Friday! I was going to email you to thank you so very much, they are perfect! You are awesome! I can’t wait to place my next order! My galah LOVES the branch, she perched right on it and proceeded to eat at it and of course all the leaves are already shredded! Again, thank you so much! I will be ordering most likely once a month!”

“Hello Matt : ) I have some pics for you of my youngest Brutus & some euc leaves. Enjoy!” ~Melissa

“Our sugar glider Zeus has a new found love for eucalyptus! He likes to impress his girlfriend Zoey by dragging the little leaves and branches (with his mouth, paws, and even tail) up to their pouch, their hammock, their CoCoHut, well, basically any place he can fit the leaves!”
~Jen, 1.24.09

“I have ordered twice now. My suggies have tried it all, dried, fresh, chew sticks and they do all kinds of stuff with it. The older females will pull the dried leaves into the pouch. The boys really seem to like chewing on the sticks and all of them like eating the fresh leaves. The larger branches I drill holes into and then put acacia paste in them and let it dry. My gang goes nuts trying to dig it out, lord it’s funny.”
~Glider Lover on GC, 1.20.09

“Yes, you just put it in the cage, the gliders decide what they want to do with it. it’s completely safe. ;)”
~Senior Glider Member on GC, 1.20.09

“My daughter gave us some Euc again. This time it was a fresh branch and my bird Lily went insane. She was so enthralled by the Euc we wondered if she was going to be ok from all the excitment. Ha ha. She was screaming and panting for more. I would say it was definetly a big hit with her!”
~Cindi in MN, 12.26.08

“I just got my second shippent of Euc for Christmas and my gliders were absolutely amazed once again. The Euc smelled so fresh and the gliders just went crazy with it chewing the leaves, carrying them into their pouch to sleep with them and flinging twigs around making one heck of a racket. They definely love your Eucalyptus Matt. Thanks once again for making my babies happy as can be!”
~Gwen in MN, 12.24.08

“My one pair with joeys stuffed Euc leaves in their sleeping pouch from the last order I got from you, Matt. I LOVE kissing on the joeys anyway – but now, the babies smell like Euc! It’s even better!”

“I just got my package in today and it smells soooo good! Thank you for this great special and I can’t wait for my boys to come home and try them out! Thank you for a great batch of Eucalyptus and such fast a response!”
~AG, 12.22.08

“Man, I have to say, Matt is one of the best people I have had the pleasure of doing business with. He is so professional, friendly, and flexible. I was pestering him to change the address of my order so that it could be shipped to my glider sitter’s residence, and it was no problem! He got back to me within hours. This is really a stellar company to do business with and my gliders LOVE their eucalyptus. I would enthusiastically recommend them to anybody!”
~Master Glider Member on GC, 12.19.08