Eucalyptus for Your Well-Being

You can Apply some eucalyptus oil and massage oil to your pulse or pressure points. Eucalyptus is one of the few oils you can apply directly to the skin.

Do you have infections, apply some eucalyptus oil to the bandage, or gauze, and wrap the wound with it.

Do you have trouble with dandruff? Mix 10 drops of eucalyptus oil with an all natural shampoo, this will help with the dandruff.

Eucalyptus pure essential oil can be used for a variety of conditions. This makes it an excellent addition for your well-being.

In the Shower

ANOTHER COOL USE FOR EUCS — Try ’em in your shower, too where they give off a wonderfully healing vapor to open your lungs and help you breathe!

I’ve been getting a number of orders lately for fresh Euc Leaves that people HANG in the shower, where the steam releases the vapors! Either people get a half-pound of leaves, or they add to their glider/bird’s order. I cut loooong sprigs of leaves that can easily be attached to the shower head or just draped over the towel curtain rod — no muss, no fuss — grab a few of your Euc leaves from the freezer and try it!

NOTE: the eucs pictured here are not my Eucs… they are the silver-dollar eucs sold in florists and dept. stores. A customer sent me this pic to ask if there was an alternative to inhaling the sprayed-on preservatives — there is!