“Hello Matt. Just received your package and was very happy with it. Great variety of branches, and I especially like the fork branch. I would really like to order those exclusively if possible, as I think they would sell very well. The one you sent was about 1 inch thick by 24 inches long and the 2nd fork was 12 long. ” Can you send me the majority of branches forked? Maybe a few straight in 1″ x 12″ & 18″ lengths. Also, We were thinking of maybe getting some thin, thin branches to cut up and sell for the gliders to chew on . Just let me know if you can do the forks especially. I actually forgot about the shipping when I sent you the $60. Just send me the prices for what I want if you can do it, and also the shipping charges I will let you know how these sell. I will be able to see which ones go fastest and will give you better idea of what I will be buying, but the forks would be a given. Thanks!”