Eucalyptus Pricelist
SPECIAL Starter Pack: To see if your pet(s) like fresh Eucalyptus

Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves, Chew Sticks and a small Eucalyptus Branch
1/2-pound starter pack: Try it.

(While the starter pack may be amazing for gliders, I would highly recommend bird owners to try the 1/2 Lb Combo instead as it has 2-3 1′ branches with chew sticks still attached. You will actually get more usable Eucs for your birds and it is the exact same price!)

  • 1/4 pound of fresh Eucalyptus Leaves, about 20-30 large (sometimes HUGE) leaves, on their stems.
  • 1/4 pound of Eucalyptus Chew Sticks, 6-10 sticks (depending on thickness) and 3″-6″ long.
  • 1 small Eucalyptus branch, a thicker stick with mature bark, for perching and/or chewing
  • 1 Instruction and Tip Sheet on how to store, present and enjoy your Eucs

$ 15 plus postage

Specially-priced Gift Packs for your friends and loved-ones!

We believe in being nice and giving, too. So here’s another deal for you: with any order, we’ll send a Gift Starter Pack for you for only $10 plus shipping. We’ll even put a custom card in it for you. Just send us the wording you want when you place your gift order along with their shipping address. We’ll hand-write it on a nice card, put it in an envelope and include it in the shipping box when we send them their fresh Eucalyptus. NOTE: when you checkout with PayPal, it should allow you to enter additional text for the card wording. Otherwise, just write to us at

$10 plus postage


Combo Packs:
Half Leaves and Half Branches
1/2-pound Combo Pack: Feeds 1-2
Fresh leaves and branches together, our two most popular items!
***See 1/2-pound Starter Pack for a larger variety combination
$ 15 plus postage

1-pound Combo Pack: Feeds 2-4
Our 2nd most popular package:
A large handful of fresh leaves, plus 4-5 1′ branches
$ 20 plus postage

2-pound Combo Pack: Feeds 5-20
2 big handfuls of leaves and at least 5-6 12-18″ branches
$ 30 plus postage

5-pound Combo Pack: For Breeders, Wholesalers and Aviaries
Enough for the whole gang!
A huge hand-wrapped bundle of leaves, with a bunch of branches, 2′-4′ long
(Custom orders accepted)
$ 50 plus postage


Eucalyptus Chew Sticks:
Cut fresh, cleaned, packed & shipped by hand
1/2-pound of Eucalyptus Chew Sticks
10-20 small sticks and few thicker sticks, with leaves.
Gliders love to chew on them and carry them around!
$ 15 plus postage

1-pound of Eucalyptus Chew Sticks
20-30 smaller branches, cut & banded with bark still attached
$ 20 plus postage

2-pounds of Eucalyptus Chew Sticks
30-40 fresh-cuts, 3″- 12″ long
$ 30 plus postage

5-pounds of Eucalyptus Chew Sticks
Lots of small, medium and large branch cuttings, with bark in tact.
$ 50 plus postage


Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves:
Should stay fresh for 2-4 weeks, if kept in the refrigerator…or almost forever, if kept in the freezer. All first-time orders are shipped with care instructions.

Our Euc trees have two types of leaves on the same trees and sometimes on the same branch! Up to 15-20 feet in height, the younger leaves are wider, more of a silverish, gray color and “oval-shaped”. Then, when the trees get to about 20 feet tall (and up to 100+ feet), the leaves (magically) change to long, green, more mature, “banana-shaped” leaves. You may order Oval leaves or Banana leaves, or if you don’t specify, we send both. Some pets and some people prefer one type or the other, so watch which ones they may prefer, so you can specify on your next order (hint, hint 🙂 )

1: Stick insects eat only banana leaves.
2: If ordering leaves for showers, saunas, & steam-rooms, order oval leaves as they have stronger aroma.
3: If you’re doing eco-printing, order leaves, not branches, and let me know, so I can find you some amazingly colorful leaves to work with.
Leaf Bundles

1/2-pound of Fresh Leaves: Feeds 1-2
A large handful of fresh leaves, with a nice variety of sizes, for you and your pet to enjoy.
$ 15 plus postage

Leaf Preference

1-pound of Fresh Leaves: Feeds 2-4
2 big handfuls of both types of beautiful leaves, still attached to their natural twigs.
$ 20 plus postage

Leaf Preference

2-pounds of Fresh Leaves: Feeds 5-20
A jumbo box of the freshest, nicest smelling leaves on the planet!
$ 30 plus postage

Leaf Preference

5-pounds of Fresh Leaves: For Breeders and Aviaries
A lot of leaves! We’ll even throw in some small branches and seed pods with this one, for free.
$ 50 plus postage

Leaf Preference

Eucalyptus Branches
Eucalyptus branches are one of our best buys as you get magnificent structure for your sugar gliders and birds to play on and with. The bark is intact and perfect for stripping and sap sucking. Chew sticks stem out from the branches and hold handfuls of beautiful fresh leaves. You really get the best of everything, and since it is all still in one piece it is some of the freshest product that we have to offer! Simply snip with a scissors or clippers if you want any of your chew sticks or leaves separate from your branch bundle!
Our branches are available in a variety of sizes. The first number is the quantity you are ordering which is then followed by the length and thickness of the branches. Pick the length and width to suit your needs. Sizes & weights below are just for examples as we can do almost any size! If you do not see what you want contact us.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want Eucs for your shower, sauna or steam-room, we suggest you do NOT order branches… order leaves, instead. Branches are heavier, more rigid, and have less aroma than the long strands of leaves we offer.

1/2-pound of Eucalyptus Branches
$ 15 plus postage

Branch Size

1-pound of Eucalyptus Branches
$ 20 plus postage

Branch Size

2-pounds of Eucalyptus Branches
$ 30 plus postage

Branch Size

5-pounds of Eucalyptus Branches
$ 50 plus postage

Branch Size


Eucalyptus Subscription Service
Subscription Service is limited to US only.

Email me if you would like a different size or frequency of subscription***

For your convenience, we have a subscription service available for our Fresh Eucalyptus! You can now receive a new batch of fresh Eucalyptus at your doorstep every month without coming back and having to order each time and to top it off, shipping is FREE! Simply place your subscription order and you will receive your subscription shipments automatically the same week each month! Their antibiotic effects will stay strong, your pets will have the freshest natural cuttings possible and you’ll get to enjoy, over and over again, that wonderful aroma that only fresh Eucalyptus can provide.

To signup, you need a free PayPal account. Choose whether you want Leaves, Chew Sticks, a Combo Pack or Branches and order them in the corresponding size that you want. Your subscription will be charged the same day each month and your order will be shipped out right away for you to enjoy. We require no commitments and no sign up fees and you can cancel at any time through your PayPal account. If you wish to change your service, you can even cancel and sign up with your new request! If you would like your subscription to have any slight modifications such as an extra branch or two, more chew sticks, leaves or dried leaves or anything else you can think up, we are here to serve you.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, simply let us know what you want and we will get you covered!

Monthly Subscription Service
1/2 Pound Monthly Subscription Service
$15 Per Month – Including Postage

Subscription Type

1 Pound Monthly Subscription Service
$20 Per Month – Including Postage

Subscription Type

2 Pound Monthly Subscription Service
$30 Per Month – Including Postage

Subscription Type

5 Pound Monthly Subscription Service
$50 Per Month – Including Postage

Subscription Type

Every Other Month Subscriptions
1/2 Pound Bi-Monthly Subscription Service
$15 Every 2 Months – Including Postage

Subscription Type

1 Pound Bi-Monthly Subscription Service
$20 Every 2 Months – Including Postage

Subscription Type

Ordering & Shipping Information
We ship MORE than what you order, rounding up the next highest pound (for example: a 1/2 pound order will usually be just under 1 pound). Please refer to the table below for our current postage rates. We try to charge as close as possible to the actual postage, as we do not add any extra “shipping and handling” as it is simply just not the way we do business.

US Orders Only!

Sorry, but at this time, we are only shipping within the US (including APOs for military and veterans). We have been unable to predict the postage properly on international orders, they require special boxes and handling, and we’ve had too much trouble with orders taking too long or not arriving at all.

Shipping Rates & Method

All orders are shipped via US Postal Service Priority Mail, so delivery is quoted as 2-3 business days (but “delivery time is not guaranteed.” per USPS).

Order TotalPostage
$.01 - $15$10
$15.01 - $22$15
$20.01 - $30$18
$30.01 - $50$25
$50.01 - $100 $35
Over $100 Call/Write for Quote

Payment Options

We offer many ways to make a payment. Choose which ever method is most comfortable for you.


Use “Add to Cart” links to pay using your PayPal account or by credit card (whether you have a PayPal account or not.) For easy and secure online payments, we’ve used PayPal for years. ( PayPal has proven to be 100% safe and they have become the premier way to do fast online transactions. With over 100 million customers, you may already have a PayPal account. In fact, if there is a discrepancy in ordering, PayPal almost always sides with you, the buyer.

  • Call Matt (PST, California time) and I’ll take your order by phone or answer any questions you may have. 916-599-8597 (yes, we’re real humans)
  • New PayPal Me!
    If you’re having trouble placing your order, and you wish to pay via PayPal, try this new link to send money directly from your account to mine. If you know the exact amount, you can add it to the end of the link, like this:
  • You can always mail a check or money order to:
    Matt Perelstein
    32501 McDonnell Lane
    Fort Bragg, CA 95437

Custom orders are welcome
We are very friendly people with a “can do” attitude. If you don’t see what you want here, please ask. Since we package each order individually, by hand, we can make your order however you wish. Let us know what you need or want and we’ll try to provide it.

Are you a Reseller? Let’s talk

We offer wholesale pricing, upon request. And we go one step further and offer drop-shipping, as well. Because the leaves must be fresh so they have a short shelf-life. We will work with online and off-line pet stores: where you take the order and the money, notify us, send us somewhat less money (using PayPal), we ship the product directly to your customer and you keep the difference. In some cases, we can even private-label orders to your customers, using your name and your logo rather than ours. Let’s talk.

How Can We Help You??

If you wish to talk the good-ole’-fashioned way, call. To place an order, ask any question, report a problem, or get a price for a custom request, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Our best to you, always!
Matt Perelstein