“I’m so excited. the two babies in pouch have two days and they have been in pouch for 8 weeks and are due to come out anytime after that. so Tuesday is the lucky day! For us this is a big deal since i cant have kids because of my bone issues and other congenital defects. It really cool watching them grow and watching them move in pouch is like watching aliens in there lol. Serena loves to rest in or on my hand. Sometimes the babies will move while she is on top of my hand…it feels so cool. She is so trusting and loves to show me peeks at the babies while she is cleaning her pouch. loves belly love. She lifts her hind leg so i can rub her sides. Serena also loves to show her belly off…then she gives glider eyes begging for midnight mealies. She is such a great little momma. Kirby is excited too. He normally brings three eucalyptus leaves into a pouch….well he dragged ten times that amount in less then 12hrs. its so cute hes been helping clean her. I was so lucky to see Serena give birth on July 26 at 4:20 pm she was in my bra when it happened and she let me watch the two babies be born and crawl up to pouch. I can’t wait until they come out! We still don’t know what their babies colors are!! and we still need names for the contest at Sailor Snuggies on Facebook.”

– Jessica W.