Starter Packs and Gift Packs

SPECIAL Starter Pack: To see if your pet(s) like fresh Eucalyptus

Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves, Chew Sticks, a small Eucalyptus Branch & some seed pods
1/2-pound starter pack: Try it.


  • 1/4 pound of fresh Eucalyptus Leaves, about 20-30 large (sometimes HUGE) leaves, attached together on their natural stems.
  • 1/4 pound of Eucalyptus Chew Sticks (without leaves), 6-10 sticks (depending on thickness), 3″-6″ long.
  • 1 small Eucalyptus branch, 4-6″ long, a thicker stick with mature bark, for perching and/or chewing, with leaves still attached.
  • 2 seed pods (some love ’em, some ignore them, but they’re safe and worth a try!)
  • 1 Instruction & Tip Sheet on how to store, present and enjoy your Eucs

$ 15 plus postage

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Specially-priced Gift Packs for your friends and loved-ones!

We believe in being nice and giving, too. So, here’s another deal for you: with any order, we’ll send a Gift Starter Pack for you for only $10 plus shipping. We’ll even put a custom card in it for you. Just send us the wording you want when you place your gift order along with their shipping address. We’ll include your wording with the shipping box when we send them their gift pack. NOTE: when you checkout with PayPal, it should allow you to enter additional text for the card wording. Otherwise, just write to us at

$10 plus postage