“Hi my name is Robyn and I have a 1yr old male sugar glider Jake and we live in Maryland, but I am going to come to Florida to live and bringing Jake, and my 3 cats; Taz, Riley and BJ. I was given Jake and Jewels and I had just brought them home and somehow Jewels got out and I could not find her and poor Jake has had no one except me to play with him. He love’s me to chase him around his cage with my hand and to hide and have me find him. I just adore him and he used to bark for Jules Now he barks for me to come see him. I am looking for a female, because I have read male’s fight and Jake would not like that. I will be moving here in the next few weeks and would love to surprise Jake with a girlfriend. I got him last year and he was pretty small and he must be about a 1 year and a few months. My daughter’s neighbor was given the 2 gliders and he gave them to her and she gave them to me. So I do not know when they were born. Just know they were young and he has grown and matured”
~Robyn M Cooney, 5.15.10