“Hi, Thank you so much for the gorgeous euc leaves! I just wanted to let you know that when I opened the box (middle of the day) the aroma was so beautiful and intense that my grumpy old man glider, who really hates being bothered anytime before 9pm actually woke up and came out of the sleeping sack! I’ve ordered from others before and the quality was pretty good but NEVER got that reaction! My little guy was up too and did his most animated ‘voodoo’ dance around the branch I placed in the cage. I wish I had a camera at the time. I will try and get some photos to you in a few weeks (have surgery this Tues and doc wants me off my feet for at least 2 weeks 🙁 so the hubby will be on glider duty) Thanks for the seed pods too, I’m praying if we can get some to grow someday they will help keep the bad bugs out of our lanai and off my Hoya plants!
We have a new glider group in my area and I will be recommending you as a great source of leaves, branches etc. TY Again!”
~Jean & Suggs, 7.16.10