“Hi Matt, Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the nice box of EUC samples you sent my way. What a nice assortment!! I was pleased, not to mention the girls Thelma, Louise, Kiwi & Clementine were elated!! I took the larger branches to use in a special braid made from fleece (simulating a branch) and I wove the EUC twigs into the braid to make a kind of ladder……ohhhhh boy the girls were busy. I have a HUGE cage (floor style) so I can adorn the cage with beautiful furnishings, and silly little jinggly toys, custom pouches and the like. I took the dried leaves and made a potpourri for the house. Ohhhhh my goodness, what a great smell. So natural. Thank you again. I will look to order things in the future from you. Your personal thank you note added a special touch, as it makes your business more personable. I hate “form” letters, and people in a business where passion isn’t primary. You seem very passionate, and that is what will separate you from the rest. Keep up the good work Matt!”
~ M E from Green Bay, WI, 7.16.09