“Hi Matt, Last night we received the branches, and they’re absolutely perfect. I love ‘em. Thank you again so much for your care in selecting them, cutting them, and also for affixing the mounting hardware, which really made my job a breeze. And yes, they do smell wonderful. I’m attaching a picture of Puku’s cage with the branches in place and also a picture of the Pookster himself. When we get him a companion in a couple of months, I may be emailing you for a couple more branches for the new guy.” Best, ~ M

“Matt, You’re the BEST!!! I absolutely love the pictures of the BIG branch…it looks amazing and I am sure Marcee (and her new future friend) are going to love it. I really appreciate all of your help, time, and generosity…you are truly kind. I got the cage in the mail yesterday and plan to put the skeleton of it together tomorrow and then just wait for the branch to come and then put the roof on. I appreciate you sending it speedy…it means a lot to me and Marcee! As soon as we get it all put together I will send you some really good pictures for you to put on your site if you chose. It is going to be in our living room so that will be a nice back drop to showcase your and mother nature’s efforts. Thanks again and I hope you and yours are having a wonderful weekend.”
~S 6.9.07

“Hi Matt, Thanks for the personal note in your email. What great customer service! It’s not easy to come by that these days! Anyway, I have two female sugar gliders, Thing One and Thing Two (my son named them) 🙂 I call them One-z and Two-z. I recently joined GliderCentral and was reading some postings. I knew gliders loved eucalyptus from my research, but had not come across anything as far as purchasing until reading the posts. And since your service is so great I’m attaching a photo of the wee ones and you have my full permission to post on your web site. I will send you another with them and their eucalyptus when it arrives. I will also more than likely be interested in your monthly service for leaves and chew sticks.
Thank you again for your personal service.”
~DH, NJ 5.31.07

“Matt – Thanks so much. My gliders (4) had a field day with the “sample pack” I received as a gift.”
~West Dundee, IL – 4.19.07

“I just got my shipment last night and Marcee is sleeping in a bed of leaves, in her pouch, on my lap right now! She seems to react towards the eucs like a cat does with cat nip…makes her a little MORE wild. Thanks Matt for your prompt shipment if you are reading this. All of my gliders have been stripping the chew sticks and nibbling on the leaves. I can’t even smell the cages anymore because of the great smell of the eucalyptus now. I definitely recommend this to people.”
~ML on SugarGlider.com, 4.17.07

“I get a monthly shipment from Matt of leaves and chew sticks and my fur-kids love both the leaves and the sticks. And they do peel the sticks to shreads and pull the leaves into their nests. The smell is delish and helps deflect the gliders’ natural ‘perfume’. Good stuff eucs!”

~Irene, 4.12.07


“I placed the sample order to see if you sent out a species of Euc that I could use, and to see the quality of your product. I must say that the quality cannot be better, and you can count on my continued business!”
~Matt M., TX, 4.8.07

“I know a lot of people like their products. And they did smell amazing!”
~Christine, Carmel, NY 1.4.07

“I ordered the 2nd smallest packet (1 lb.) and was very pleased with the freshness and quality. I followed the soaking & storage instructions but my boys (and cockatiels!) went so insane over the stems, sticks and leaves that the order only lasted about a week! I am going to go on the monthly, automatic delivery program which can be adjusted to your glider’s preferences. Mine like the longish stems with lots of leaves attached so they can destroy them!”
~Miami, FL 1.4.07

“I’ve had Gauguin (Eclectus) for 8 months and Linus (CAG) for 3 and they like to chew like mad –that’s a good thing. Its challenging to get them to chew other stuff besides our clothes, tablecloths, ears… They seem to enjoy stripping stuff so the Euc branches are perfect.”
~Grace 3.05.07

“I received my product already, Thanks! It was very fast delivery. I will definitely be ordering more again! My gliders Love it!”
~Krys 2.6.07

“Just received my delivery…thanks, that was quick! I did not know the leaves would be so long. I am used to seeing the small round ones they use in dried bouquets. I have a spiral thing in my Grey’s aviary that holds an ear of dried corn (sold in stores to feed squirrels). I weaved some leaves through it, creating a basket effect, and dropped a millet treat at the bottom as a hidden treasure. Picasso is making short work of it already! Thanks.”
~Liz 2.3.07

“That’s the sort of attitude that’ll make me a customer for life.
~BOB 1.09.07


“I have a Blue and Gold, Greenwing Macaw and an Umbrella Cockatoo that all love the sticks.”
~Kathy 1.05.07

“Ooooooo, could I get another order now (since the crittters already demolished the first order!) and another batch the 1st week in February? That would be great!”
~Irene 1.05.07

“Thanks again. The budgies and my parrotlet LOVE the leaves. :o)”
~Maryann 1.4.07

“Eucs came within a reasonable amount of time and the gliders are loving it. Thanks and happy holidays!”
~Jen and the gliders 12.25.06

I posted some pictures of Molly eating her eucalyptus on a site for macaws and have received an enquiry from it. May have another customer or two for you!!”

Philippa, Hayley,
Mordred, Roxie, Shaman,
Shadow, Blackberry, Molly and Nigel

Molly enjoying her eucalyptus leaf.

Yes, eucalyptus is good for them. In fact, flocks of birds, including wild budgies, attack the eucalyptus forests of Australia and other countries regularly. It is actually a natural wild food for them. I know Molly just goes crazy for hers. I have never been so satisfied with any product or service in my life. The eucalyptus leaves seem a bit pricey until you get the order. There are lots of leaves in there. Molly really enjoys hers and loves to chew the little stem that connects them to the branches. They stay fresh for a long time in my frig also. It’s a natural product and they like the variety.”
~Philippa 11.18.06

“u could put a stick in each nest box as a chew toy for the parents and chicks and it could stop feather plucking, or the parents attacking chicks. I know, u probably don’t have that problem, but instead of a millet or block u could try the sticks????!!! You need to make an order. I gave u the card at the show. You should at least do a 1/2 lb order and ask Matt for a couple of seeds. I think he will oblige. Let him know I sent you. He is very generous. You gotta try them. They are really aromatic, large, thick, and I score the leaves by just ripping them to the quill to get the budgies excited. Let me know if u do order. The price is good. I think 17 bucksish.”
~Maryann 10.30.06

“Your last shipment arrived yesterday. It took only six days to arrive and the eucalyptus inside was as fresh as fresh can be. It was a delight to receive it. I think we have found the solution!! Molly is very excited about her leaves. She just loves them!!”
~Philippa in Canada 10.17.06

Eucalyptus is great. It gives our companion Aussie birds a little taste of home, haha! My birds will get some more this evening when I get home. Well worth the wait…..”
~Jamie, Memphis, TN 9.14.06

“My Apple loves the leaves best, Solo likes the stems best. Solo was stripping the bark off and chewing it…I was like hooray you like it.”

“Sherry I got my bunch today as well, hope you don’t mind but Solo wanted in this thread…..to say YUMM! P.S. My guys were freaked out by it at first but not anymore!”
~SG, Milwaukee 9.13.06

“I buy the 1 pound size so all the flock gets it, but the Toos love it. Keeps great in the fridge in a zip lock baggie and smells great….”
~Sherry, Texas 9.13.06
Certified Avian Specialist
Lifetime Member of AFA
Member of NPRPF
Member OPA
Member of The Amazona Society

Zoe is one happy little female sugar glider, thank you so very much.

A Very Satisified Customer!”
~Cindy 3.10.06


“Just returned from a brief trip to Michigan and found your package of seed pods waiting on our return.  We have already brewed some of them and the house smells just lovely.  Thanks for your help.”
~Liz from Naples, FL  2.16.06

“Hi Matt- Yes they enjoyed the eucalyptus sticks! At the time my cockatiels were still getting adjusted to their new home but as they are more comfortable now, I think they will enjoy this batch even more. I’ve also added a second budgie (parakeet) and a conure parrot to my flock. The conure loves to gnaw on everything so I think he will like the eucalyptus sticks, too. A mix of thick and thin sticks would be great. The conure is a little larger than a cockatiel but he’s a lot stronger and has a larger beak (he’s  basically a very small macaw). I think he’ll like the larger sticks that the smaller birds would be intimidated by. Thanks!”
~Jamie from Tennessee 1.30.06

“Hi Matt – My sugar gliders LOVED the chew sticks and leaves. It was a riot watching them handling the branches and trying to rearrange them and drag them into their nest. Thanks again!”
~Katherine, Phoenix, AZ 1.23.06

“I just placed an order for a 1-pound combo pack of eucalyptus products from you. I am very excited to have my2 budgies try them out. I’ve always wanted to give them the wood that is found in their natural environment, but living in Canada makes that quite difficult. I am sure my hen, who loves to chew everything, will be quite impressed. Thanks for offering this much needed product for my babies.”
~M.C. in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada 1.20.06

“Thank you very very much! I lived in Fountain Valley, CA (near Huntington Beach) for 27 years, and I remember the Eucs my mom had in the back yard. They smelled great! Thanks,”
~Carrie owner of 3 sugar gliders. 1.13.06

“Matt, I got the leaves today! They are great! Just what I needed. I actually didn’t get them for a pet. Don’t laugh, I got them to help rid us of our flea problem. We have two cats who occasionally get out and ALWAYS bring back fleas. With two small children I hate using harsh chemicals. So my mom suggested getting eucalyptus leaves and pods to spread around to get rid of them. Apparently the fleas don’t like the smell. So I collected a few from the ground in Golden Gate Park. And it worked, but now we need more. And since I can’t destroy trees in the park……I found you guys. So that’s what the leaves are being used for. Thanx! I know I will be back.”
~Amy, near San Francisco, CA, 1.13.06

“Got’em. Babies love ’em. And I will be getting more branches from you. Sign me up as a regular customer…”
~Michael, host to 13 sugar gliders, in P

“The kids love to chew the sticks and leaves. They really get into them. I’ll be contacting you again soon with another order.”
~Dave in Wisconsin, owner of 2 sugar gliders, 12.15.2005

“I always load my Parrots cage up with fresh eucalyptus branches and leaves. My bird loves them.

“Hi Matt. Fantastic! I’m getting Brady used to it slowly as I think I mentioned on the phone. But soon I’m going to rearrange his cage and playground to incorporate the new euc branches. Thank you very much. You’re making my bird a happy boy indeed!”
~Nancy in California, April 2005

“My sugar gliders aren’t picky but after that man that I used to get euc leaves from sold his property two of mine died and I really believe it was because I could not find any fresh eucs. They don’t eat any packaged sugar glider food. I feed them only fresh fruit/vegs and for protein live mealworm, chicken, and steak. (Yes, they are spoiled.) Will have to send you a picture of their cage. The Dept of Agriculture inspector came to my house to see my set-up and said if reincarnation is possible he hopes to come back as a sugar glider living in that cage!”
~Cindy in North Carolina, March 2005

“Hi, My first order of branches and leaves just arrived. Thanks so much for this great looking and smelling load of Eucalyptus. There is great irony in me ordering this. My daughter in San Francisco works for the forestry Service as a Wildland Firefighter. Part of her work lately has been cutting down the overgrown vegetation of Eucalyptus on Mt. Tam north of the Golden Gate bridge. She has been sending mammoth amounts thru the chipper these past four weeks and it breaks her heart and mine. So I thank you and wish to ask about placing an order of branches to arrive every month or so. I have 15 companion birds and many pairs of Parrotlet, Conure and Cape breeders. My 6 Cockatoos just loved the leaves and I am in the process of cutting the branches and making perches for all the big birds cages. I am VERY popular around here since that order has arrived. Many thanks”
~Sandra, Arkansas, Oct 2004

The birdies get to love the leaves; sometimes it takes them several weeks to get used to the ‘new things’ in the cage. Recently, I bought a eucalyptus perch. The little critters are tearing it apart! They love it! It’s hard to believe that they actually fight over who gets the perch. I’ll have to order a few more.”
~John in Pennsylvania (Posted on Parakeet Perch Club)

“Yes, the budgies have really taken to the leaves and toys. At first they weren’t too keen on the leaves but after a few days they started to eat them no problem and now u can see the difference in them they are a lot more happy and playful. thank you.”
~Tony, Thurles County, Ireland

“It is amazing. It was hard to train them to eat fruits and vegetables, yet with the eucalyptus leaves, they naturally love them.”
~Treesje Ang, Oakville, Ontario Canada

“The birds love the leaves, they were a little slow to try them but love them with gusto now.”
~Gill Salisbury

The perches are GREAT! I was shocked cuz my SI eclectus usually turns up her nose at everything!! I’ve shared some branches & leaves with another bird owner.”
~Glenna in Omaha, NE Aug. 2004