“Hi Matt, Thanks for the personal note in your email. What great customer service! It’s not easy to come by that these days! Anyway, I have two female sugar gliders, Thing One and Thing Two (my son named them) 🙂 I call them One-z and Two-z. I recently joined GliderCentral and was reading some postings. I knew gliders loved eucalyptus from my research, but had not come across anything as far as purchasing until reading the posts. And since your service is so great I’m attaching a photo of the wee ones and you have my full permission to post on your web site. I will send you another with them and their eucalyptus when it arrives. I will also more than likely be interested in your monthly service for leaves and chew sticks.
Thank you again for your personal service.”
~DH, NJ 5.31.07