“Hi, My first order of branches and leaves just arrived. Thanks so much for this great looking and smelling load of Eucalyptus. There is great irony in me ordering this. My daughter in San Francisco works for the forestry Service as a Wildland Firefighter. Part of her work lately has been cutting down the overgrown vegetation of Eucalyptus on Mt. Tam north of the Golden Gate bridge. She has been sending mammoth amounts thru the chipper these past four weeks and it breaks her heart and mine. So I thank you and wish to ask about placing an order of branches to arrive every month or so. I have 15 companion birds and many pairs of Parrotlet, Conure and Cape breeders. My 6 Cockatoos just loved the leaves and I am in the process of cutting the branches and making perches for all the big birds cages. I am VERY popular around here since that order has arrived. Many thanks”
~Sandra, Arkansas, Oct 2004