“I got my order and Bella, my Eclectus parrot, LOVES them!!! So far she prefers the dried version. I leave the fresh leaves out in her cage and by day 2 she is having a BLAST!!! And she loves the twigs!!! I will be ordering more as she gets close to running out.”

“Hi Matt, I need to let you know that I ordered your eucalyptus over 3 yrs ago. I used some & put rest in the freezer and forgot I had it. Since my friend was ordering pretty frequently, I just piggybacked with her. Well finally got around to clearing the big freezer & found the eucalyptus. I opened the bag and was still very strong aroma. Babies loved it, still. Even after over 3 yrs in the freezer! WOW! Just thought this was a good story to let customers know-It freezes great!”

Hi Matt, We got the order today after all! Our Solomon Islands Eclectus female is already enjoying them. She is very happy indeed, and my house smells great already πŸ™‚ Thank you very much, and we look forward to ordering from you again (though these may last awhile!!).

“I received my order and wanted to say thanks for the double. It’s nice to receive a prize when I didn’t even know I was entered. My two sugars do love the leaves. I give them some new ones both in their cage and in the playroom. You might like to pass along an idea. I have a 7″ x 7″ box both in the cage and the playroom. I place all the older Euc leaves in them when they get brittle. The animals love to rummage in the box probably because of the smell and the rustling sound. Thanks again”

“My sugs I think like leaves and branches. They carry the leaves around and in their pouches and roll around and make all kinds of noise. I think my last joey that just left was actually eating them. Lol. I have a leaf pit in one cage made with a baby shape sorter toy, OMG they go in there and just go crazy, you hear all this loud banging and rustling, it just makes me smile cause I know they are having a blast. I never throw my dried up leaves away either. Once I clean the cage I will pull some out and grind them up and use the grinds in my cage pans for a refreshing deodorizer. It works amazing and does wonders for my small space in the winter. I have ground it and used it for vacuuming too. This stuff serves it’s purpose even far after it’s “shelf-life”. Lol”

“I just placed an order for 2 pounds of eucalyptus. This is my second time ordering; and I just wanted to say THANK YOU! My gliders absolutely LOVE your euc, and it has completely eliminated their chewing problem! Chewing on the branches, perching on them, playing with the leaves….they love it all!”

“Thank you Matt, The limbs came and are perfect. I froze the smaller branches and put the big limb in the babies room. They are chewing off the leaves and lining their nest. That is no small feat. The limb is across the room from the open cage. I will drill and splice when it all dries out. The room smells so nice too. Thank you again”

“Thanks Matt, I think we will have a long relationship together and I will tell everyone on my parrot forum list about your site and great customer service, thanks”

“I received my order today, just in time too because it started raining. Everything looked and smelt great. I rinsed them off like suggested, put some in the freezer and some in a vase. I also put some in my gliders cage. They were asleep but woke up to inspect the new smell and taste. I’m sure I will be ordering from you again. Thanks again”

“Heya! Just wanna say thanks for the starter pack! It looks great!”
~Toni in Singapore

“Hey Matt, Got the eucalyptus in today! My gliders went nuts over it! Thanks and I will be ordering more soon!”

“I just got my euc starter pack. They smell so GOOD! I even woke the babies early just to see their reaction. I wish I had a camera when I did cuz Alvin nearly took my finger off trying to grab a leaf out of my hand. Then I placed a twig over the top of their pouch and it was so neat to see a little hand reach up, grab it, and pull it in the pouch. And did ya know, suggies SMACKED?!!? I promise, they were actually smacking!!! Thanks so much!”
~From GC

“I just recently got 2 starter packs myself & I am not a big fan of nature & wild life at all whatsoever (seriously, I think roses smell like garbage =/) but I also cannot pass up a good deal ((DDOOUUBBLLEE!!)) OR the opportunity to spoil my shugs and let me just say, it smells SO SO good & my entire house got cleaned thanks to this stuff because I wanted to crumble up the leaves and vacuum for the smell, I had such a lonely tent time the first night because I made the mistake of holding a branch above their pouch & they snatched that sucker up so fast I saw nothing but a hyper active looking pouch & the occasional limb poking out all night! (And Matt is such a sweet heart!)”
~From GC

“We got our gift pack a few weeks ago… OMG it is SO funny watching them with the leaves and branches! They love them! Thank you so much! Happy 2012!!!” πŸ™‚
~From FB

“Love your service especially that it came from outta province and intact!! Couldn’t ask for better its quality and quantity neither is compromised!! From RICO & WIFI thanks again for everything!”
~From FB

“Hello … I just ordered for the 2nd time a combo pack for my Sugar Gliders…. Could I please have some of the seeds you are offering with this shipment? Thanks so much! PS My babies LOVE the leaves and branches. Thanks”

“At first I thought my babies liked just the sticks, then they loved the leaves, so some of each! They didn’t particularly care for the “fat” branch you sent the first time, but other than that I enjoyed watching them fuss at each other for their treats! I saw one, laying on her belly, holding onto the stick with all four hands, just happy as she could be.”

“Euc = glider crack!! Willow can smell it from the other room, when I get it out of the freezer. It really has helped with Widgets boy odor. And it is really funny when they decide to “clean house”…They pull all the crispy dead leaves out of the pouches…and I know it’s time to replenish their stash.”
~From Glider Gossip

“Very true! Mine were out cold but I put that branch in…QUIETLY…and all of the sudden I had a little nose poking out of the pouch. I have a pic but didn’t post it…one of them reached out very slowly, grabbed a leaf then slowly started pulling it into the pouch. It was humorous to see this big leaf slowly disappearing as if by magic into the pouch. As you can see, I took those pics (and many more) with the cage door wide open. Usually I have 4 fuzzy butts flying at me as soon as I open the door but they were quite content to stay in the cage climbing around on that branch!”
~From Glider Gossip

“I am MORE than happy with what he sent me. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY….SO ARE JAZZY, ZOEY, KODAH, & MALA!”
~From Glider Gossip

“That is great looking Euc, that is the great thing about Matt and EucProducts, he will work with you on packages and quality product. Yea, Glider-crack for sure!”
~From Glider Gossip

“I need to plant a eucalyptus tree. It’s funny watching a captive sugar glider, who has never been exposed to a eucalyptus branch, act as though it’s Christmas morning every time a new piece is placed in the cage!”
~From Glider Gossip

“I love seeing euc in glider cages! I have been meaning to order some for a while now, and just placed it after seeing your pictures. They look so…eager! Hahahaha!! Thanks for sharing!”
~From Glider Gossip

“Awwww. that is so awesome! A little bit of their natural habitat brought in to the cage. Now I want some even MORE!!! My babies would love it so much. Glad yours do! LOVE the pics, too!”
~From Glider Gossip

“I love seeing euc in glider cages! I have been meaning to order some for a while now, and just placed it after seeing your pictures. They look so…eager! Hahahaha!! Thanks for sharing!”
~From Glider Gossip

“Super-fast shipping! And it looks & smells so good! BIG THANKS & RECOMMENDATION FOR MATT!”

“Last night I plucked one out of the bucket and stuck the pod tip thru the cage bars….THEY WENT NUTS!”

“Hi Matt, I got the starter pack today. I put the branches and leaves in. I love watching the little noses emerge from the sleeping pouch once the smell hits them. Tonight once they come out, the real fun begins, all of those new things to check out. I love watching them play with the branches! Thank you so very much. Also, thank you so much for all of the seeds!! I can’t wait to see if I can grow more. This time I will be sure to use the correct watering can…… seedlings need the spray bottle! Have a wonderful weekend Master of all things Eucalyptus I can only hope to have a fraction of your empire, or in other words, 3 or 4 nice plants πŸ™‚ Stay warm too, and again thank you!!!”

“Hello, my name is Cassandra. I wanted to let you know my gliders Loved their starter pack I got them. Thank you!”

“First things first,…just wanted to say my babies love your leaves and branches…thank you so much for amazing products! I am now on the hunt for larger branches.”

“My wife ordered a sample of eucalyptus from you for our sugar gliders and they absolutely love them! It was amazing to see these little captive bred members of our family instinctively strip the bark from the larger sticks – they certainly couldn’t have learned how to do this from their parents. So pass along our thanks to your family from Ralphie and Anton. The human members of the colony also really like how pleasant the smell is in their cage, even as the leaves get wilted/dried out and not so fresh looking.
On our next order we will probably take you up on your offer for some seeds/seed pods as well – but our location (NH) is in zone 5, so I’m not sure how well it will take. Do you know exactly which species of eucalyptus you have? My dream would be to build a fully screened (sides and top) area in the back yard for our babies to safely play in during the summer – and what could be better than a few eucalyptus in that -even if they are more shrubs than trees in our climate!”

“Just want to say thanks for offering this product! This is the second batch I’m ordering, my gliders love it! I really appreciate you taking the time to make this available to people that don’t have it in their area πŸ˜€ Happy Holidays!”
~RK via email

“Hello Matt, the glider room smells so nice that’s why I wanted more so I can also put them throughout my house. I love their smell and the babies love them. Thank you and have a great weekend.”

“Matt, just wanted to let you know this is the best shipment you’ve sent me so far! The stick insects absolutely LOVE the tiny new shoots of the banana leaves. They even eat the new stem down to the main branch! Also I’m glad that you’ve been getting referrals! I give everyone that gets one of these things your contact info so hopefully they keep coming in. Thanks again, this part of my hobby wouldn’t be possible without you, man. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!”

“Hello Matt this is Sandra and the Eucs arrived today, I forgot how wonderful they smell. Thank you for the seeds, will try planting next week. My babies Are in their pouch sleeping and I took one of the branches and angled it by their pouch and one stuck her head out to see or rather smell what was going on and I slowly approached her with it and she smelled it and took a bite with her back into her pouch, so I think she liked it. I could smell the box before it even got opened so the mail man had a good treat smelling it in his vehicle. Anyhow they are beautiful leaves and I will continue to purchase from you. You all have a great weekend from me and my babies, Chloe and Bella. Thanks again!”

“Matt, I just had to write again and tell you how much the gliders love the Eucs. I put one in for a perch and they were doing summer salts on it, just too funny. Then I put a stem with leaves on it in one of their hanging toys and they went wild, and Chloe grabbed a leaf from my hand and took off to eat it by herself. They ate fresh apple today and all of their food this morning which is unusual for them, they haven’t been eating fruits or veggies for a while now, so it was great to see them so happy, not that they weren’t before but not as happy as they are now. And the room smells oh so good. I’m going to put some out in the rest of the house today. Thanks so much from all of us girls here in FL. Have a great day!”

“Hi there! I just want to say I am so excited to be able to access this fresh product for my beloved pet budgie. This is the best thing I’ve found for her ever. I have been searching and it was not easy to find your website. I am going to let my bird vet and others know about this. Thank You”

“I got my first starter pack a few weeks back and my glider babies **love** them, but only the mature leaves. I did let one branch of round leaves dry up and put it on the bottom of the cage. They’re attacking them. Thank you for providing such an awesome product, I’ll be ordering more soon!” πŸ™‚
~JJ on FB

“Eucalyptus makes up a large portion of a wild gliders diet they are by no means allergic to it or have any problems with it. The toxicity associated with most eucs does not affect many marsupials and sugar gliders are genetically immune to these toxins other animals might be effected by. Gliders strip the bark from eucs and ingest the liquid that the wound creates, they also eat euc flowers, and use leaves as bedding. For a wild glider eucs are essential to their survival.”

“Thanks so much for the leaves and chew sticks. They are a hit with my sugar gliders. They are picking up the small ones and running off with them. Maybe next time I can order the 2 foot branches to go into the cage. Thanks also for the seeds and instructions. There’s not even a remote chance they will grow in Tennessee, but I thought I’d try. I like a challenge.”

“Got my last shipment of branches and leaves and the Blacks went crazy for the branches!!! They’ve torn them apart and put them in their nest boxes! Yay!! Thanks for the great shipments!”

“We are looking for logs approximately 3.5 – 4′ in length and 14 – 16” in diameter that can be or are already hollowed out for our pairs (preferably hollowed out)

“Oh there will definitely be a “next time”. You must know how parrots LOVE to chew. Thank you, Matt!”
~Red via email

“They stuffed their pouches with the leaves, and it smells sooooo good! I love that you do this! Ty!”

“Yes! I found you. I just got Sailor Snuggies up on Facebook. I’m thinking about making bridges and toys with your eucs and maybe some of your apple branches. Serena and Kirby love it. I find euc stuff in their pouches from them dragging it in. lol Thanks!”

“Just to let you know – The branch you sent went over wonderfully! In fact, Bella jumped up onto her new perch very excited! Thanks again for the great customer service!”
~PA, 9.16.11


“My girls love the Euc branches we received yesterday! The longer, thicker branches definitely seem to be the way they prefer. I pushed one of the lengths through the top of the cage and secured it. They climbed all night on the branch – Who needs to come out of the cage to play?? My son was ecstatic to get the seeds you sent with our first shipment. He loves getting little presents and was just jumping around planting them. Thank you sooo much!”
~PA, 6.10.11


“I was amazed at how quickly my products arrived, and when I opened the box, I was even happier! The Eucalyptus smelled WONDERFUL and when I put it in the Gliders’ cage – they went crazy! It was so cute to watch them play with it. They were just so excited. The stripped the branches completely. I will definitely be purchasing from you again in the near future.”
~SugarShock, 3.26.11

“I thought you might get a kick out of this. So one of my gliders has been trying to figure out how to carry things with tail. Well monday night my hubby and I were watching her trying to figure out how to carry Euc up to her pouch. Well this morning we pulled her and her mate out of her pouch and this is what we found. I guess she figured it out as all the fresh Euc is now in the sleeping pouch!”
~Rachel, 1.22.11

“I still have Euc from my last order. Still loving it. You’re the BEST Matt!”
~Megs on GC, 1.22.11

“No special requests! Excited to get my second package of euc from you but I think the ones who will be more excited are my gliders! They love to pull the leaves into their pouch and I love that it makes them smell wonderful :D”
~M.A., 1.12.11

“Matt I love the 1/2 off sale you have going on right now! And I love the super fast shipping and freshness of the product! Thank you for being so easy to work with! Merry Christmas!”
~CS on GC, 1.7.11

“Great! These are for parrots (mostly rose-breasted cockatoos and red-tail black cockatoos). they like to use them as nesting material.”
~MB, 1.3.11

“Everyone loves them – got my package today – thanks so much!!!”
~Dani, 1.3.11

“I look forward to future business with Matt and the fine folks at EUCPRODUCTS!”
~Leann from KY, 12.31.10

“Hi Matt! Me & the furrkids absolutely love the Eucalyptus it’s always nice and fresh well packaged and worth every penny! My fuzzbutts don’t waste anytime the EUC goes in the cages and no matter what time it is they come out to take care of it! (lol)”
~CarolinaSuggies, 12.30.10

“I opened the box and the wonderful aroma swept through the house. All of my 15 gliders peeked to see what was here for them. I distributed the leaves and chew sticks throughout the cage. They COULD NOT BE HAPPIER!”

“A bit skeptical about purchasing online, Matt made the transaction a breeze! My mother actually purchased for me(because I was afraid I would end up with no product) and Matt delivered!”

“Matt I love the 1/2 off sale you have going on right now! And I love the super fast shipping and freshness of the product! Thank you for being so easy to work with! Merry Christmas!”
~CS on GC, 12.24.10

“I did receive mine today the first time my gliders have ever had EUC and they came out and started munching as soon as I put in in the cages! It smells wonderful! Thank you for my gift Tara and thank you Matt!”
~CS on GC, 12.16.10

“Hey Matt, I got my fresh eucalyptus today and so did my friend Alicia!! My suggies are already munching on it.”
~SG on GC, 12.16.10

“I got my starter pack yesterday and my gliders love it! As soon as they got up for the night one went straight for the leaves and the the other for the small branch! Thanks a bunch (:”
~L on GC, 11.4.10

“I’ve been wanting to try out some eucalyptus for my babies and the sale was what finally pushed me to do it, haha. I got my starter pack yesterday and my gliders love it! As soon as they got up for the night one went straight for the leaves and the other for the small branch! Thanks a bunch (: ”
~lil on GC, 11.4.10

“Thank you for the Euc! It smells so good and the glider’s are going nuts over it!”
~Misty on GC, 10.21.10

“Thank you for the Euc! It smells so good and the glider’s are going nuts over it!”
~Misty on GC, 10.21.10

“Hello from St Croix, U. S. Virgin Islands! Looking to place my first order for our military macaw, CocoPuff. I’m sure she will love it!
~kaySTX, 10.08.10