In the Shower

ANOTHER COOL USE FOR EUCS — Try ’em in your shower, too where they give off a wonderfully healing vapor to open your lungs and help you breathe!

I’ve been getting a number of orders lately for fresh Euc Leaves that people HANG in the shower, where the steam releases the vapors! Either people get a half-pound of leaves, or they add to their glider/bird’s order. I cut loooong sprigs of leaves that can easily be attached to the shower head or just draped over the towel curtain rod — no muss, no fuss — grab a few of your Euc leaves from the freezer and try it!

NOTE: the eucs pictured here are not my Eucs… they are the silver-dollar eucs sold in florists and dept. stores. A customer sent me this pic to ask if there was an alternative to inhaling the sprayed-on preservatives — there is!