“My wife ordered a sample of eucalyptus from you for our sugar gliders and they absolutely love them! It was amazing to see these little captive bred members of our family instinctively strip the bark from the larger sticks – they certainly couldn’t have learned how to do this from their parents. So pass along our thanks to your family from Ralphie and Anton. The human members of the colony also really like how pleasant the smell is in their cage, even as the leaves get wilted/dried out and not so fresh looking.
On our next order we will probably take you up on your offer for some seeds/seed pods as well – but our location (NH) is in zone 5, so I’m not sure how well it will take. Do you know exactly which species of eucalyptus you have? My dream would be to build a fully screened (sides and top) area in the back yard for our babies to safely play in during the summer – and what could be better than a few eucalyptus in that -even if they are more shrubs than trees in our climate!”