Additional notes & quotes from a bird forum…

“also they love fresh branches of eucalyptus this can keep them busy for hours pulling all the leaves off and just enjoying all the gum nuts.”

“Another toy treat that my birds love are branches. I try to put new types of bird-safe branches in their when I can. We always put a eucalyptus or basil branch in the cages before friends come over so that the birds smell good.”

“My eclectus loves to shred the leaves, then peel the bark, and then destroy the branch. She will work on it for hours.”

“Zsa Zsa’s favorite plants are eucalyptus, gardenia, basil, bamboo and hibiscus flowers. We just cut them off of the plant, spray them off with a hose, let them dry, and put them right in the cage. She loves to eat the flowers first, then tear up the leaves, and then tear off the bark. She will spend hours on it. She screams when I come in the house with branches.”

“last week I filled their cages up with some fresh eucalyptus branches which they enjoyed stripping”

“I put eucalyptus leaves under my furniture.. it is a natural way to keep those fleas away.”

“We used eucalyptus bark in the planter and it really kept the cats out.”

Eucalyptus and Parrots

“I can see that, there is a big grove of E. camaldulensis var obtusa growing in a park in Brownsville TX and the Mexican parrots love them, it can get pretty noisy!”

“I always load my Parrots cage up with fresh branches and leaves I cut from my trees. My bird loves them. It also loves to eat the seed¬†capsules.”

Just for fun — here’s Snowball, the dancing cockatoo!