Combo Packs:
Half Leaves and Half Branches

1/2-pound Combo Pack: Feeds 1-2
Fresh leaves and branches together, our two most popular items!
***See 1/2-pound Starter Pack for a larger variety combination
$ 13.95 plus postage

1-pound Combo Pack: Feeds 2-4
Our 2nd most popular package: A gallon ziplock freezer bag chock full of fresh leaves, plus a nice-sized bundle of branches
$ 20.00 plus postage

2-pound Combo Pack: Feeds 5-20
2-1 gallon ziplock freezer bags full of leaves and at least 2 branches
$ 30.00 plus postage

5-pound Combo Pack: For Breeders, Wholesalers and Aviaries
Enough for the whole gang! 5-1 gallon ziplock freezer bags full of leaves plus at least 5 branches
$ 50.00 plus postage