Beautiful Fresh Eucalyptus Leaves:

Should stay fresh for 2-4 weeks, if kept in the refrigerator…or almost forever, if kept in the freezer (we had a customer who forgot her leaves in the freezer for over 2 years, and they came out looking almost exactly how they went in — they don’t freeze, they just stop aging!).

All first-time orders are shipped with care tips & instructions.

Our Euc trees have two types of leaves on the same trees and sometimes on the same branch! Up to 15-20 feet in height, the younger leaves are wider, more of a silverish, gray color and “oval-shaped”. Then, when the trees get to about 20 feet tall (and up to 100+ feet), the leaves (magically) change to long, green, more mature, “banana-shaped” leaves. You may order Oval leaves or Banana leaves, or if you don’t specify, we send both. Some pets and some people prefer one type or the other, so watch which ones they may prefer, so you can specify on your next order (hint, hint 🙂 )


1: Stick insects eat only banana leaves.
2: If ordering leaves for showers, saunas, & steam-rooms, order oval leaves as they have stronger aroma.
3: If you’re doing eco-printing, order leaves, not branches, and let me know, so I can find you some amazingly colorful leaves to work with.

1/2-pound of Fresh Leaves: Feeds 1-2
A large handful of fresh leaves, with a nice variety of sizes, for you and your pet to enjoy.
$ 15 plus postage

Leaf Preference

1-pound of Fresh Leaves: Feeds 2-4
2 big handfuls of both types of beautiful leaves, still attached to their natural twigs.
$ 22 plus postage

Leaf Preference

2-pounds of Fresh Leaves: Feeds 5-10 gliders, birds, or stick insects.
A jumbo box of the freshest, nicest smelling leaves on the planet!
$ 30 plus postage

Leaf Preference

5-pounds of Fresh Leaves: For Breeders, Rescues, & Aviaries
A lot of leaves! We’ll even throw in some small branches and seed pods with this one, for free.
$ 50 plus postage

Leaf Preference