About Us

We are a small, yet committed, family of concerned animal-lovers. At EucProducts, our eucalyptus is hand-gathered from our 13 acres of beautiful Eucalyptus forest along the northern California coast. No pesticides, no spraying, ever… just clean, natural, wild Eucalyptus.

All our products are cut fresh, then hand-wrapped and packaged by us,
on our property, in the back of our garage.

We always strive to ensure that all product is as fresh as we can possibly get it to you.

Special requests are welcome, as we pack each order by hand.

Give them a try… we’re sure you will enjoy your fresh Eucalyptus as much as we do!

Matt Perelstein
Fort Bragg, Mendocino Coast, California


Random Notes

  • Sugar gliders, birds, walking stick insects, koalas (and other pets) love Eucalyptus!
  • Many people are now using Euc leaves for beautiful “eco-dying”!
  • The leaves can also be used in the shower, sauna or steam room to provide wonderful aroma and healing qualities.
  • We have Eucalyptus all over our Northern California coastal property.
  • Our trees have NEVER been sprayed nor had any contact with chemicals (or humans).
  • People are finding out the amazing healing power of Eucalyptus.
  • We are making available to you and/or your pets any part of the mighty Eucalyptus.
  • We love pets. (oh, and we like people too, so let’s talk!)

Eucalyptus is really quite beautiful!
It’s a jungle out there!
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Leaves, Branches & Chew Sticks — WE’VE GOT IT ALL!!!

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Pet Owners: Please Read

We are 110% a pet loving family here at Euc Products. Our products are marketed for use by Sugar Gliders and Birds. Humans may use them for Aromatherapy, in the household for cleaning, deodorizing and disinfecting, for pest control, decoratively among other common uses. Although Eucalyptus is a great natural flea remedy I want to exercise that you use caution when using Eucalyptus around animals that it is not marketed for. Eucalyptus contains essential oils and phenols which are poisonous to cats and dogs. We have both cats and dogs here and have never personally had an issue but we understand that some animals may have a higher sensitivity to these products. Much like a person may have a peanut allergy that can vary from direct exposure to non direct exposure, some pets may be affected without coming in contact with the product where as others may be near it daily and have no ill effects. Please use caution when using eucalyptus or any products that contains essential oils or phenyls such as candles, sprays, topicals such as cremes and shampoos, household cleaners and so forth. Please know your pets, what is safe for them and how to use potentially unsafe products in a fashion that will still keep them safe. If you have a different species of pet, please research how they may be affected by a product before you use it around them. We sell solely for human, sugar glider and bird use.